WAMSR safe nuclear reactor power technology.

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Add the amount of "spent" Fuel Rods' #Energy
soon to be extracted by Liquid-Fuel MSRs
like WAMSR, etc. https://t.co/WnAPipyCYU
Good 2 C, but
+ Better: ..on Liquid-Fuel #NuClear #Energy
(ie MSR's essence)
+ Hope it kills IFR, w/ WAMSR due soon https://t.co/dariuM5VUA
Stop moaning
Cover+Support TAP's WAMSR; Terrestrial Energy's IMSR;
Jergensen's ThorCon MSR factory #NuClear #Thorium https://t.co/2KuOWtkzXE
The Preferred Future of #Nuclear is Liquid-Fuel MSRs: IMSR, WAMSR, ThorCon
Don't SETTLE 4 Cost!y+Wasteful Fuel Rods. https://t.co/V1GWngi1I4
RT @Safe_MSR: 3 YouTube talks: Hugh McDairmid (MSR Bus.Arg.) @ CA Econ,Club; Leslie Dewan on WAMSR; Prof Dr Eduardo Greaves #CSOTA https://...
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The innovative, super smart team at Transatomic Power has nuclear reactor technology using liquid molten salt that will turn nuclear waste into a safe, clean, and scalable source of electricity.
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